Saturday, August 27, 2016

leadership dot #1548: responsive

We've all heard about -- and likely even experienced --the dreaded government bureaucracy. It seems like there is so much red tape, endless phone menus and a black hole where suggestions often go to die. Inaction is exacerbated in the current political climate, so my expectations for change are low.

Thus, imagine my surprise when I received an email from the Social Security Administration telling me that they listened to consumer concerns and rolled back a mandate! 

On July 30, the agency required a two-step authentication to log into Social Security accounts, thereby requiring a text message to be sent to a phone before accessing the site. Apparently the updated technology did not sit well with the clientele that most typically uses Social Security, and they complained -- loudly. Believe it or not, on August 26, the agency went back to its original log in process.

It took less than a month for a major governmental agency to admit that it inconvenienced some of its users, revert back to a more simple practice, and even apologize for its actions!

If the Social Security Administration can pull this off, surely your organization can allow common sense to prevail as well.

-- beth triplett

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