Thursday, August 21, 2014

#811 seamless

I recently did some consulting with a former colleague.  We haven't worked together in 15 years, but jumped right back into the rhythm and flow as if we had been in the office together yesterday.  

A similar situation happened when a friend came to visit earlier this week.  We haven't seen each other in a year, but it was as if the conversation had never been interrupted.  After a brief hello hug it was as if we saw each other all the time.  

Perhaps life in higher education has prepared me to foster seamless relationships in an environment that is disjointed.  Faculty and students leave for the summer and then they return.  We pick up our work and our connections as if they had never left.  It carries over to far-flung family and friends, even without the benefit of Facebook or often any interaction in the interval. 

How can you lead your life with a continuity that is unaffected by time or physical space?  Sure, the hair color may change and you may have exciting tales to tell, but it is a comfort to know that the core is unaltered and omnipresent.  If you remain authentic and surround yourself with people who do likewise, you'll feel as if your support network is always with you -- even if "present" involves a transcendent nature. 

-- beth triplett

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