Monday, March 20, 2017

leadership dot #1753: evaluation

In many organizations, the employee evaluation process is a reflection tool rather than a vehicle for determining pay raises, yet it still can be a valuable tool in the supervisor's arsenal. If conducted in a developmental and intentional manner, the evaluation can inspire and guide employees to do their best work in the coming year.
I have developed a handout of a seven-step outline for a process that will allow you to conduct effective employee evaluations:
  1. Determine the purpose of the evaluation -- developmental or tied to merit pay
  2. Develop a system to allow you to account for the entire period. (My notebook method works well for this.)
  3. Develop a set of questions to foster conversation and reflection, and share them in advance.
  4. The conversation should both look back and look forward.
  5. The evaluation should not contain surprises.
  6. End with a focus on a short number of goals.
  7. Be intentional about process protocol -- I always had the employee begin
If you have created a culture where everything is assessed regularly, it should make the conversation about the employee's performance a natural part of your cycle. Don't minimize the importance of learning from the past and planning for the future -- together.

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