Sunday, March 26, 2017

leadership dot #1759: sane

One of the biggest complaints I hear with my coaching clients is that they can't get their email inbox under control. Apparently this is a wide-spread issue -- the downside of all the benefits electronic communication provides.
A new company has adapted Artificial Intelligence in an aim to tackle this issue. Sane Box has offers a service that "learns what is important to you" and filters the rest out of your inbox. They predict that this will save 12 hours/month -- a huge chunk of time if their estimate is anywhere close to accurate.
I have not used this service, but was intrigued at how they went about it. Sane Box is affiliated with Amazon -- thus your credit card is only through Amazon, as is service and promotion. You trust Amazon, right -- so why wouldn't you trust Sane Box? It leverages a huge brand for an unknown.
Do you have a solution to a problem that would benefit from an alliance with another partner? Is there a problem you hear about repeatedly that you could attempt to solve? Can you adapt the growing field of Artificial Intelligence to make something you offer even more tailored for your clients? There is no need for people to continue to go in-sane with tools like Sane Box at their disposal. How can you create some sanity in your organization?
P. S. If you're interested, Sane Box offers a 14 day free trial (then is $100/year). If it really works, 12 hrs/month recouped for $100 is a steal.

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