Saturday, July 8, 2017

leadership dot #1863: FAQs

In December, I purchased tickets for a concert that was held last night. I am a board member of the sponsoring organization so have talked about the date frequently, but I could understand how someone could forget about a their tickets from seven months ago.

But that wasn't going to happen with this show. All of the ticket holders received a detailed email a few days ago -- not only reminding people about the show, but anticipating and answering most questions people would have about it: where do I park? how long is it? do you sell snacks at intermission? where is my seat?  It was beautifully done and an impressive customer service surprise.

Think of ways you can put yourself in the place of your client and become proactive about meeting their needs. What information do they need -- and when do they need it? (This same email in December would have been long forgotten.) How can you anticipate questions and answer them in advance? What answers can you provide that your clients don't even know to ask (providing physical address not just mailing address).

You can simultaneously wow your clients and save yourself from repeatedly answering the basic questions if you think through your communication plan from the perspective of the user. FAQs that are pushed out in a well-timed manner become Fantastically Answered Questions for all involved.

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