Friday, October 27, 2017

leadership dot #1974: things I believe

In a fortuitous sequence of events, I watched a Pinkcast with Dan Pink and Bob Sutton that led me to an article Sutton wrote entitled “13 Things I Believe.” Sutton said that he used his list as an ending ritual in the organizational behavior class that he taught – and, since I am teaching that course this term, I decided to make my own list and do the same.

I, too, ended up with 13 things on my list, but more because that is all that nicely fit on one page than because of any definitive reason. I could have created many more words of wisdom I would like my students to know, but since my review of the list was all that was standing between them and freedom, I suspected that less would be more.

As with many things that come from being a teacher, I learned something from doing this exercise myself. I would recommend it to everyone as a way to pause for a few moments (see item #12!) and ponder what undergirds your behaviors and choices.

Here are the 13 Things I Believe, in a slightly different format than Sutton’s, but with the same reflective spirit nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them as much as my students seemed to have done.

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