Wednesday, November 2, 2016

leadership dot #1615: writing

I watched an interview with thought leader Seth Godin who has been writing a daily blog since 1990. Seth doesn't number his blogs, but if he did, he would be on blog #9000+. It puts my 1615 in perspective!

Interviewer Marie Forleo asked him whether he ever gets writer's block or has difficulty coming up with something to write about. "I write like I talk," said Seth. "Nobody I know gets talker's block. You haven't run out of things to say yet, so you won't run out of things to blog."

Seth also said that he would write every day even if he knew that no one would read it. "If you know that tomorrow you have to say something about something you notice, about something that might help someone else, about an opinion you have that might stand the test of time, you will form those opinions. You will notice those things. You will invent that idea. And if day after day, week after week you leave this trail behind of thoughtful examination of your world, you can't help but to get better at whatever it is you seek to do."

He encourages everyone to write every day. I know it has changed the way I experience life.

Whether you follow his advice or not, the next time you are faced with a blank page -- to write a proposal, to start a blog, to pen a letter, to draft a grant or to begin that novel -- remember that no one gets talker's block. Start writing as if you were talking and see where the thoughts lead.

-- beth triplett

To watch the 30 minute interview, click here.

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