Sunday, November 6, 2016

leadership dot #1619: stockpiling fear

When I went into Sam's Club this week, they handed me a flyer outlining some of their pre-Black Friday specials. It contained many of the items you would suspect, and also one that caught me by surprise.

Sam's is now selling an Emergency Food Kit -- a one-year supply of food that can sustain one person for a full year or a family of four for three months. This Ultimate Kit contains 22 cartons of food: 7,690 servings and a bonus wheat grinder. It all can be yours for the special holiday pricing of $1298.

I find it depressing that Sam's thinks this item is mainstream enough to feature in a small holiday booklet. Are people anticipating that global warming and the intense weather patterns will continue to cause destruction? Or are post-election extremists planning to reek havoc on life as we know it? Maybe Sam's knows more than I do about the dangers that lie ahead.

I have a few items of food and an extra case of water in my house should a blizzard come or the summer winds knock out power, but never in my wildest planning would I consider stockpiling food for a year. It is a sad thought to imagine a world where I would need it.

The little things in life plant seeds that grow into a culture. I don't like this seed. While innocuous by itself, one idea can create a pattern and spur on others. Pay attention to whether you are sowing hope or fear in the messages you send.

-- beth triplett

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