Tuesday, November 8, 2016

leadership dot #1621: left out

Some of the most upset employees to have ever come in my office were worked up because a decision was made that affected them and they were not included in the process. They were blinded to whether the decision itself was a good one or not; all that mattered was that they were asked about it beforehand.

I, myself, have been in that position and the burn of exclusion is hot and deep. "Why didn't they ask me?" ferments in your darkness over and over, and leads to feelings of being undervalued, unimportant or worse. I think we all know the pain.

Today is the day Americans can have their voice. You are being asked your opinion. You are being asked to participate in the process. You are being included.

Take advantage of your freedom to be an educated voter and make a commitment to cast your ballot today.

-- beth triplett

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