Friday, August 11, 2017

leadership dot #1897: fake

In an episode of Law and Order, the key perpetrator was a musician who hid the passwords to his off shore accounts in his Fake Book. Until I watched this show, I had no idea what a Fake Book was, but apparently it is very real. Musicians use them to quickly learn the essence of a song -- the melody line, keys, chords -- so that they can play a larger variety of songs than they actually know. The Fake Book allows them to improvise -- or fake it -- when playing.

Is your organization in need of its own Fake Book for your staff? Does the receptionist or customer service agent need a resource with the basics so they can quickly serve guests without knowing every detail? Does a new employee need a Fake Book to learn enough to make it through the first challenging weeks? Perhaps you need a Fake Book to leave for the substitute teacher or temporary help when someone is away?

We don't always have the time to write everything out with the thoroughness that would make it complete. Instead of doing nothing, maybe you can fake your preparation by creating a Fake Book. It may not hold the passwords to the off shore accounts, but to an employee who needs it, the information could be just as valuable.

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