Wednesday, February 8, 2017

leadership dot #1713: another round

I started teaching a new class this week -- one that I know already I will be teaching again this summer. While I have taken notes on all the previous classes I have taught, I am especially cognizant of how this one is going in terms of receptivity and timing. I am paying close attention because I know I will have another opportunity to use the content I am creating....
...but then it occurred to me that much more of my life is like that. I know I will be in a position to "rinse and repeat" many things throughout the year. The holidays come annually, as do taxes, vacations, business travel and veterinarian care. I have meetings where I volunteer in the community, professional involvement, educational workshops and calls with clients that cycle through on a regular basis. The specifics may be altered, but the overall framework is the same. I should be taking notes on the processes I use -- to make the task more efficient and to learn from what actually transpired. 
Think about when is the last time you did something for the first time. For many of us, it has been quite awhile. We become creatures of habit, so we should at least acknowledge that fact and learn from our repetition. My next class will be better than this one because I was attuned to the nuances. What will you notice in your routine that you can improve in the next iteration?

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