Saturday, February 18, 2017

leadership dot #1723: rocket

Because of my love of organizational strategies (and cool new office supplies), two friends shared information about the Rocketbook notebook. This system is a combination of high tech/low tech, allowing you to write with a (special) pen, then the pages are synched to the cloud so your handwritten notes are stored electronically. 
I have yet to try it, but there are some appealing features of having handwritten notes instantly sent to your Dropbox, Evernote or mail. Through the use of a special symbol and a QR code, you tell the Rocketbook where to file your document, and it first enhances the image then sends it on its way. When you're finished, you microwave the notebook (yes, you read that correctly) to erase your writing and allow you to reuse the book up to five times.
There is always a quest to build a better mousetrap, and the Rocketbook is trying to improve on the standard notebook that has been around for decades. They aren't competing with the 17 cent back-to-school-specials, but it may be a winner for those who want to spiral their notes into the cloud.
Maybe paper works for you, maybe you like all-electronic notes, or maybe you want to blend the two. With notebooks and all other gadgets, find your own sweet spot for technology: how comfortable you are, what you are willing to pay, the learning curve and the efficiency/effectiveness of use. No choice is right for all, but whatever you choose, do it with intentionality. 
Thanks to Nate and Mike for the tip!

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