Monday, February 13, 2017

leadership dot #1718: rock walls

wrote on Friday about the importance of sleep, and it seems that companies are recognizing its benefits as well. Phoenix Investors in Milwaukee is now offering "napping rooms" in its office facility. These spaces allow employees to grab a "power nap" during the day in order to recharge.
Napping rooms are just one more sign that company benefits are spiraling, just as college amenities did in the race for more enrollment. Campuses added rock walls, hot tubs, lavish recreation centers, a la carte 24/7 dining areas, organic food, plasma televisions and moreCompanies are now adding exercise classes, physical therapy suites, acupuncture, concierge services, SCUBA certification, cooking lessons and bowling lanes.
I am reminded of a dot I wrote in 2013 that referenced a study by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. They spent three years asking executives what characteristics the best company on earth to work for would possess. They arrived at a list of six: You can be yourself. You're told what's really going on. Your strengths are magnified. The company stands for something meaningful. Your daily work is rewarding. Stupid rules don't exist.
Rock walls and napping rooms weren't mentioned. Don't get so caught up in the amenities race that you forget about the real things that make a difference.

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