Tuesday, December 13, 2016

leadership dot #1656: five ways

Yesterday I wrote about how people do not all experience things in the same way.  A tool to help you become cognizant of different perspectives is as easy as replicating a regular feature in Delta's Sky Magazine.
Each month, Sky Magazine showcases a particular destination from five different points of view. The "1 City/5 Ways" feature offers travelers different options for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Each article highlights different categories depending on the city:
> Boston: foodie, historian, sports fan, adventurer, modernist  (click here for an example)
> San Francisco: architecture enthusiast, first timer, active traveler, multicultural foodie, art junkie
> Washington DC: drinking buddy, urban explorer, art connoisseur, global eater, family tripper
> Memphis: first timer, musichead, scenester, foodie, cool hunter
Think about what five ways people experience your organization. You may have different membership categories or audiences. Maybe you interact with multiple populations or people at various stages of need. You might be a supplier to some and a customer for others. Identifying the different perspectives is a great way to make tangible the concept that not everyone sees your organization in the same manner. 1 Organization/5 Ways: what are yours?

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