Friday, December 30, 2016

leadership dot #1673: spotlight the right

In a recent teleclass, author Michelle Gielan of Broadcasting Happiness shared several strategies on how to help infuse our lives with more positivity. A caller asked her how to deal with people who don't share this aim and are themselves full of negativity.
Her suggestion: "Spotlight the Right." By this Gielan means that for one week you should only share with them what they are doing right. Comment on all the little, positive moves that they make, being as specific as you can. Let the negative things pass by without mention. Your goal is to help them see the positive that they are doing/contributing/being. "We want to be pulled to the best of our self concept," Gielan said. "The more we can remind people of what that is, the better."
The new year affords us a metaphorical clean slate. Use the opportunity to "spotlight the right" in a relationship that has been challenging for you, either at home or at work. One week might make all the difference for both of you.

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