Wednesday, December 14, 2016

leadership dot #1657: both sides

When you are new to something, it often seems that there is a simple solution to any problems that are visible to you. It is only when you increase your understanding and learn about the nuances that the real complexity comes to light.
> Children think that parents should just say "yes" to allowing them to see any movie, without comprehending the impact such media may have on their values.
> Employees often do not understand why an exception can't be made in salary levels or benefits because they don't understand the ripple effect such inequities would cause.
> New politicians often make campaign promises to "throw out the old" without knowing the underlying rationale that allowed the current plan to pass in the first place.
> Students may think that the current material is irrelevant until the theory undergirds knowledge they need in future courses.
> Citizens often want new services or amenities without regard to the tradeoffs such investment of tax dollars would cause.
> Clients want cheaper/faster products until they understand the ramifications on quality the shortcuts would create.
If there is an easy answer, someone has probably implemented it already. Most low hanging fruit is gone. Take the time to intentionally act by learning both sides of the decision, rather than just reacting by choosing the side you see first.

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