Sunday, December 18, 2016

leadership dot #1661: uphill

If you glance at this picture, you would see skiers preparing to enjoy their favorite winter sport. If I asked you where they were, I doubt you would say "Iowa." But this picture is taken from the ski resort located two miles from my house in the Hawkeye State.
"Ski" and "Iowa" don't often go together in people's minds. They think of skiing as an activity that has a chairlift take you up a mountain so you can ski down it. In Iowa, it is in reverse. You start at the top of the bluff and ski down it, taking the chairlift back up. Eastern Iowa is graced with majestic bluffs on the banks of the Mississippi River, and it is anything but the stereotypical flat that most people believe about the state.
Think about how you can use this metaphor to change your perspective. There are few things in life that "have" to be the way they are. If you can ski in Iowa, think of what else is possible!

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