Monday, December 26, 2016

leadership dot #1669: fleeting

Undoubtedly some of those photos you took yesterday ended up on your Facebook or Instagram account. It doesn't even need to be a holiday for that to happen: there are now close to 2 billion photos posted to social media every day!
I think about all the pictures that are taken and shared, but then lost forever. A Millennial friend of mine told me about how his wife doesn't like him to send photos via Snapchat because she can't print them and make scrapbooks, but he knows she is the last generation to care about that. Printing has become passe'.
With photos, quantity has become more important than quality. We share without regard to composition or permanence, and the meaningful shots get lost among the billions. Don't let that happen to you. Take that extra moment to truly capture a few key images and let them speak more than a fleeting word to you.
Thanks bg!

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