Saturday, December 24, 2016

leadership dot #1667: wishes

Our local paper featured a section where Santa shared some of the letters he had received from children this year.
Reading them made me feel old, or at least out of touch with children, as I had no idea what many of the wishes entailed. Imaginext toys, bubble bracelets, damage cards, a level 40 indomiums Rex, a bumble bee transformer, a Palace Pet and Pony Prize set, a bunch of Beanie Boos and a Tsuma hedgehog all made the list. Quite different from the lists I would have mentioned at their age!
But my favorite wish is from Shaelyn, age 7 who asked Santa for: "A puppy so I can hug it. I have one now but it is too big and it bites." 
May you wake up tomorrow morning with all that you wish for under the tree.

Source: Santa share some of his favorite letters with the Telegraph Herald readers, December 18, 2016, p. 10-11F

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