Sunday, June 11, 2017

leadership dot #1836: caveat emptor

The local grocery store just promoted a fantastic deal on Coke products: 6 six-packs of bottles for $10. Such a bargain!

…until I went to purchase it and noticed that the expiration date was nine days away.

I love a good Diet Coke, but there was no way I could drink 36 bottles in 9 days. No way anyone could, unless they were having a party!

Most people don’t know there are expiration dates on pop, but they are there for a very valid reason. The soda starts to go flat and “old” pop really does taste differently than “new” ones.

So instead of being excited by the bargain, I left dismayed feeling conned into making the trip to the store. When you make an offer, take steps to ensure it isn’t a raw deal for your clients.

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