Friday, June 23, 2017

leadership dot #1848: vast

As I was driving across Kansas, I was struck by how incredibly vast our country is. With flat land and wide open spaces, you really can see for miles. It gave me a truer sense than what someone can gain from a plane as to how immense the plains are, and it shed a new appreciation for the scope and scale of the land we call home.

I wonder what can be done to bring that mega-perspective to organizations. People work in silos in part because they see only a small slice of the whole. How can you "put them in Kansas" in a metaphorical way to impress on them the size of the unit or the whole entity to which they belong? Think of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall that shows the magnitude of the number who died. Or the Women's March on Washington to illustrate solidarity. 

Move beyond the two-dimensional to create the emotional tie that comes from being connected to something much bigger than yourself.

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