Wednesday, January 4, 2017

leadership dot #1678: out of sight

A friend asked me for a Christmas wish list and I asked for a hat -- a very specific hat that I saw in the local Dick's Sporting Goods. When he went to purchase it, the hat was gone and the clerk could not locate one for him. As a result, after Christmas I was on a hunt to find the item myself.
We went to Dick's to check that no more had come in/been returned, but no. So imagine my surprise when I looked on-line at Dick's and found that I could pick up the hat in the store -- in my store -- on the very same day. When I was there, I explained the situation to the manager, who unapologetically said that it had been in the back room the whole time. 
What is laying around in your "back room?"  Do you have resources that are being underutilized because no one knows you have them? Are there valuable supplies or services that could be put to good use if they were shared instead of stored? Are there physical things that could be moved out or given away to make room for more productive tools and treasures?
Don't be cavalier about the opportunity cost of what is lost in the background in your organization. Either feature your offerings in the front 'window' or remove them from 'inventory.' Having services no one can access services no one.
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