Friday, January 27, 2017

leadership dot #1701: wise beyond her years

My sister took her 9-year old daughter with her to the Women's March in Washington last weekend. Afterwards, my niece reflected on her experience to share it with her class. 
Here is what she learned:
  • It is important to stand up for your rights
  • My voice matters
  • There are many kind people who believe like I believe
  • Love is better than hate or fear
  • I could speak freely at the march, but I couldn’t in other places
  • I can make a difference, even if I’m a kid
  • It’s not just one day, we have to keep our voices going
  • Women should have the same amount of rights as men
  • Even though it was hard—I was tired—it was important not to back down
In addition to the great lessons she shares above, the act of compiling them highlights the enormous power of reflection. Too often we let our lives whiz by without taking a few moments to consider the impact we are having or the meaning of our experiences. Take a lesson from this wanna-be veterinarian or perhaps president-to-be and learn from your living.

To see Josie's whole presentationclick here.

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