Saturday, January 7, 2017

leadership dot #1681: bark

Although winter is in its early stages, many dog owners and their canine companions are experiencing cabin fever. While merely walking your dog in frigid temperatures seems unappealing, perhaps a novel experience will entice you to head outdoors.
One option is Skijoring -- a Norewgian sport where harnessed dogs pull their owner on skis across cross-country ski trails. Horses have also been known to participate and pull their owners as well. Apparently both human and animal receive quite a work out from the event.
If something indoors is more your style, you can have fun with that as well. Our city offers an indoor dog park at the arena, which includes a "barkaoke" where owners can sing with their dog (no indication as to why anyone would want to do this), and a "Barka Lounge" with adult refreshments.
Perhaps you don't have a dog or maybe you're not in a winter climate. Take lessons from these activities anyway to craft a silver lining out of otherwise undesirable circumstances. If your clients have a change in seasons or needs, can you offer something creative to make a positive outcome from it? If there is something that you dread, can you put a new spin on an activity to help the downside become more palatable? Your clients may have a howling good time because of it.

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