Thursday, January 5, 2017

leadership dot #1679: small pieces

My favorite place to eat when I return to my childhood home is a greasy pizza joint. Unlike most places today that cut the pies into about 8 large slices, they cut the pizza into little squares instead. As a result, there are 30 or more pieces -- that seem like bite size pieces -- luring you into a false sense of quantity.  Over the holidays, my brother lamented: "I always eat too much when we order these."  He is not alone.
I think that how this Ma and Pa pizza parlor cuts their product can become a metaphor for how other things in life work. If we only focus on the small -- tasks, things we eat, time -- we often overindulge because we don't have the perspective of the big picture. How many times have you wasted five minutes that becomes ten, then twenty? We never set out to waste an hour, rather we spend it five minutes at a time without realizing it.
Think about how you will cut up your pie in the new year. Will you focus on a few big "slices" or will you let the smaller pieces disappear without intentionality? 

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