Tuesday, April 4, 2017

leadership dot #1768: burst bubble

With all the news about Neil Gorsuch's upcoming Supreme Court nomination hearing, it has caused me to think about Merrick Garland.
In case you don't recall, Garland was the candidate President Obama proposed as a Justice, but the Senate chose not to bring his nomination forward. I think about the thrill it must have been for him and his family -- a call from the President and a chance to be on the highest court of the land -- only for it to go nowhere, not even a hearing. But even knowing what he knows now, I'll bet that Garland would still be glad to have been nominated. It was a excitement that can't be taken away and something that he should cherish forever.
There are many moments in life that seem like they are the pinnacle, only to have the bubble burst later: a personal best time that still only earns second place, a nomination for a big award but not a win, an engagement that ends before the wedding or an upset win in the tournament that advances you only one more round. Keith Urban and the Mississippi State women's basketball team experienced it this week.
The trick to happiness is to savor the moment, no matter how fleeting it is. Don't let the let down overshadow the thrill. 

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