Friday, April 21, 2017

leadership dot #1785: incentive

I was given a gift card for Christmas that provided for monthly specials at a restaurant. Last month, the offer was a free bowl of soup. I have been to this restaurant many times, but never once thought about having the soup until it was free.
I have ordered soup on every visit since. It was fantastic!
Grocery stores and warehouse clubs do a variation of the same idea with their free tasting stations and free samples of products. I know I have tried things I would have never risked purchasing outright, but confidently bought it after enjoying a sample.
Think about how you can offer one of your products or services to your clients in a way that gets them to try something that they may not have otherwise used. Can you provide a free class session as an incentive to sign up for the whole program? Or perhaps a free use of your product for the weekend to allow the client to try it at home? Maybe a free 1:1 session to allow them to receive a sample of your coaching? Or an upgrade in membership for a trial period?
Free is an irresistible word. Use it wisely and give your client confidence to venture into new territory.

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