Thursday, April 20, 2017

leadership dot #1784: there's nothing

Today is one of those days when I feel like I have "nothing" to write about -- yet I have an entire basket filled with articles I have clipped for future dot ideas.
People often look in their closet and believe they have "nothing" to wear -- even though the hangars are filled with perfectly good clothing.
Children complain that there is "nothing" to do or adults say there is "nothing" on television -- despite the fact that the world abounds with entertainment and recreational options, many available with the click of a mouse or a step outside.
Teenagers stare into the refrigerator, lamenting that there is "nothing" to eat -- even though fruit, cheese and shelves of food are plentiful.
I think that oftentimes when we say "nothing" what we really mean is "too many choices." Our brains become paralyzed by the over abundance of options and become numb to action. If there was only one thing on television -- as in an airport lounge -- we would watch it. If we only had one outfit to wear -- such as the one thing we packed in our overnight bag -- we would wear it without complaint. If one meal was served to us in someone's home, we would sit down at the table and eat.
The next time your brain is telling you there is "nothing", narrow your choice set to the first one you see and act on that.

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