Thursday, April 6, 2017

leadership dot #1770: low battery

Often while using my phone, a warning comes on indicating that I am nearing the end of my battery life. I am then offered two options: continue as is, or continue in "low battery mode" that powers down some of my apps and optimizes features to conserve energy.
I think we all need a "low battery mode" indicator in our lives. There are times when we may not realize that we are reaching the end of our power, and should alter our behaviors to maximize the energy we have remaining. There are other times when operating on "low battery" is warranted and we should heed the call to relax and recharge. On select occasions, we can opt to continue at full power and eek out every last watt from the day.
When we reach 20% battery life on our phone, the dialogue box forces us to make an intentional choice on how we wish to proceed. Commit to the same level of intentionality to manage decisions about your personal power use.

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