Saturday, April 15, 2017

leadership dot #1779: civility

I was given a great little book "Return to Civility" by John Sweeny & The Brave New Workshop. This gem has 365 suggestions on small actions people can take to make the world a more civil place. 
Suggestions cover a wide range of situations and include:
  • Learn and practice the art of waiting patiently.
  • Don't wear headphones in public.
  • If you have to curse, choose silly words over offensive ones.
  • When trying on clothes in a store's dressing room, hang the items you don't want back on their hangers.
  • Gather information before you vote.
  • Find a way to vent your frustrations other than by complaining to loved ones (journaling, yoga, working out, hobbies, etc.)
  • When eating out with a group of people, throw in an extra buck or two.
  • If someone you know is extremely ill, share laughter with them in addition to tears.
  • Get your method of payment ready when you're in line at checkout counters.
The genesis for this book was when the author's wife said "Remember, they're not trying to be rude, they're just forgetting to be civil."  Try not to forget today!

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