Tuesday, April 25, 2017

leadership dot #1789: never satisfied

Renee Elise Goldsberry originated the powerful role of Angelica Schuyler in the hit musical Hamilton. Not only did she have one of the leads in a mega-hit on Broadway, she won the 2016 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Her standout number was "Satisfied", which included the lyrics "you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied." This line becomes a recurring theme in the musical and "never satisfied" is one of the phrases from the show that made it into popular lexicon.
Goldsberry seems to have taken this "never satisfied" message to heart. I am sure when she was growing up, her perfect day would have been performing in the premier female part in the hottest show on Broadway, but priorities change. Now she tells People: "Jogging through Central Park and reading until I pick my kids up from school...that would be a perfect day!"
Think about your life. How can you keep growing and changing so that you are "never satisfied" with stagnation? Are there things you want to do, but are happy not to keep doing them forever? Are you open to change and new experiences, even though you may be in a good situation now?  Being "never satisfied" can open the window to a whole new script if you let it.
*"Renee Elise Goldsberry: Life after Hamilton" in People, May 1, 2017, p. 39

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