Wednesday, May 3, 2017

leadership dot #1797: yours

As I was running into Macy’s to do a return, I was stunned to see the overflowing trash bin just outside the main door. I felt like I was going into an alley rather than a department store. And with so much garbage there already, I either had to carry the cup I was going to dispose, spend time smashing it into the receptacle or set it next to the can on the ground. None were appealing options.
I suspect that responsibility for trash pick up falls with the owners of the mall rather than with Macy’s itself, but it makes no difference. In my mind, it was MACY’S that failed to provide the service and it is the entrance to their store that was off-putting.
Think of any parallels in your organization. Do you serve terrible food at your function and blame the caterer? If your payments arrive late, do you blame the processor? Is your sidewalk a hazard but you claim it is the responsibility of the landlord?
At the end of the day, your organization is YOUR responsibility, not the building manager’s or the contractor’s. It doesn’t matter who should be doing it; it matters that you ensure it is done. YOUR name is on the door.

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