Wednesday, May 10, 2017

leadership dot #1804: the end is near

It is human nature to change your behavior when you know that you are approaching the end of something:
> Students pack up their things toward the end of the period, and become much less interested as the end of the academic year approaches
> Employees often become less invested when their departure or retirement date has been set
> Politicians and other elected positions are referred to as lame ducks as their term comes to a close, leaving them with less influence and power
> Couples respond to each other differently once the word "divorce" is spoken, focusing on separating lives and possessions rather than co-joining them.
Keep this mental shift in mind -- for yourself and others who are affected -- to be conscious about your behaviors. If you know that your commitment level may wane, you can plan for it and not over-promise. If you know an impending deadline is approaching, you can gear up before the downslide. If you have any hope of saving a relationship, you can choose your language carefully. 
"The end is near" may be a hyperbole when predicting world doom, but it is a legitimate word of caution about individual actions.

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