Thursday, May 4, 2017

leadership dot #1798: happy place

A recent ad for Carnival Cruise Lines touted: "Your Happy Place will be Jealous!"  It got me thinking about where my Happy Place would be and what characteristics earned that distinction.
My answer is the same as I gave to the question that was asked as part of the Earth Day celebration in church: "tell us the body of water that is closest to your heart." For me, my Happy Place and water are often linked!
I conjured up several images of Happy Places in my life: on the shores of Lake Michigan, in a hammock in my back yard reading a book or cozy on the couch with my dogs. Just articulating them made me more committed to intentionally include them in my life this summer.
Think about what makes a place happy for you. Make a commitment to mark out time on your calendar so you are able to revel in the nourishment that it brings you. 

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