Thursday, May 11, 2017

leadership dot #1805: the Baroness

Any resource on productivity will tell you that accountability is the key to success. If you know who is accountable for something, it is much more likely that it will be done. But a key ingredient in accountability is personal responsibility -- that elusive trait of taking ownership for your actions.
An exercise that I acquired several decades ago has always stuck with me because it presents a scenario where six people have a role in the outcome. Individuals then groups need to rank: Who is most responsible for the death of the Baroness? I do this exercise often in my class, and it always generates lively discussion. You would think the responsibility would be obvious, but there is frequent disagreement not only about #1, but all of the rankings.
Before you can have accountability, you need people to understand their role in the process. Maybe this Drawbridge Exercise can be a starting point for you to have some interesting conversations to bridge the knowledge gap in your circle.

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