Sunday, May 7, 2017

leadership dot #1801: not forever

It was the city-wide garage sale this weekend and, of course, I made the rounds looking for treasures (aka buttons for my collection). I did not find too many of those, but what I did see for sale was Christmas trees. In my unscientific survey, artificial Christmas trees were the number one item being discarded this season. Truly, it was rare when a sale did not feature a box stuffed with the fake evergreen.
When I started asking about this, I learned that many people "just didn't have time" to put up a tree the past few years. How sad that our lives have become so busy that a centuries-old tradition is being put to the curb (literally). If it's not fast and pre-packaged, it seems to be relegated to the wayside.
Think about the traditions you wish to preserve in your organization or your family. You may find it hard to believe that future groups won't cherish and maintain that function forever, but if the iconic Christmas tree can be sold for a few bucks, it seems that nothing should be taken for granted. Even ever-green doesn't mean forever.

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