Sunday, May 21, 2017

leadership dot #1815: extras

A great coupon enticed me to drive through and try Popeye’s chicken. I ordered the snack pack: two pieces of chicken and a biscuit.
What I received was two pieces of chicken and a biscuit – AND grape jelly, strawberry jelly, two packets of ketchup, honey, butter, two packets of hot sauce, a fork and two napkins.
I am sure it is good practice to have all these condiments available, but it seems like a big waste to distribute them in every bag. Couldn’t they have first asked if I wanted any of them (just the napkins, please)?
From a cost perspective as well as an environmental one, sometimes more is too much. Bend over backwards to offer your customers what they want, and even prompt them to see if there is something they may not have considered. But to give without want is just wasteful.

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