Monday, May 22, 2017

leadership dot #1816: guests

A dear colleague of mine, Jim Sturm, teaches a leadership class at Hilbert College in New York. He assigned his class an assignment to write a thought paper in the format of a leadership dot, and asked me if I would read them. Not only did I do that, but I am going to share them with you.
For the next ten days, leadership dots will be presented by my guest authors from Hilbert's GS460 Leadership Applications class, the capstone to Hilbert's Leadership minor. These are juniors and seniors who have come to see the world (at least for this assignment) with "dot eyes" -- and it reinforced that concepts about leadership are everywhere. You'll read dots about Disney, website maintenance, Dale Carnegie, the skills gap and good news. I hope you enjoy them.
In addition, think about applications from this partnership for your own organization. Can you collaborate with someone -- even halfway across the country -- to do a project that is mutually beneficial for both of you? Is there a new format for reflection that you can use with those you lead? If YOU were going to write a leadership dot TODAY, what observation would you make that could form the basis of that lesson?
I hope you will follow the lead of the students and see the world from the perspective as if you were writing a dot of your own.

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