Thursday, July 24, 2014

#783 data drawings

Yesterday I wrote about Major League Baseball and their obsession with measuring every nuance of the game.  

Illustrator Craig Robinson married his love of baseball with his artistic talents to put a new spin on baseball numbers.  He took hundreds of data points about some of the lesser known baseball facts and created beautiful infographics to depict them in a book.

An example:
How many points do MLB hats earn in Scrabble:

Another example:  If players actually stole the bases they stole it would be 2,757 stolen bases x $89.99 = lost value of $284,102.43.  The leading base stealer would have a total value in the range of a Class 4 felony.   

Robinson has been able to take data and give it meaning through infographics.  If your organization is going to collect data, try to find a way to give others a context of what that data means.  Infographics speak much more to people than a page of data.  As we become more visual, our numbers need to follow suit.  

-- beth triplett

You can see more of Robinson's baseball infographics at:

Source:  Flip flop fly ball by Craig Robinson.

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