Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#788 lost

As I was getting in a hotel shuttle to go to the airport, the driver asked me: "Did you bring your own pillow?"  He was inquiring because it is his theory that no one leaves with their pillow -- everyone forgets them.  He went on to tell us of all the things that people leave behind, and how they need a whole room to store the orphaned items.*  

His question made me more aware of the leaving-things-behind phenomenon that occurs with regularity while traveling.  Just outside of TSA screening, someone left their boarding pass and passport.  Undoubtedly they set it down to put their shoes or jewelry back on, and in the process of gathering their Ziploc bag, luggage, coins, computer and such, the most-important-documents remained on the table.  The supervisor got out a log and entered them on it before stowing them away for safe keeping.

At the gate, a flight attendant came running down the jet bridge with a child's backpack that was left in the overhead bin.  It was too late to reunite the young traveler with his possessions, so once again a log came out and away the bag went.

All of us are travelers, whether we are physically going between places or just on the journey of life.  Are there things on your trip that would be good to lose along the way -- habits, grudges, bad memories, fears?  Or things like the pillow that may be best to leave at home -- preconceived notions, bias, self-doubt?  What is like the passport that you should take more care to protect -- relationships, integrity, courage?

Getting out of your routine -- whether by true travel or in our own home -- can be a great way to rethink the baggage you carry around.

-- beth triplett

*eventually items are sanitized and donated to a shelter.  The hotel also donates torn sheets & towels to the humane society!

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