Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#789 tune in

I was walking down the street in Washington DC and someone touched my arm to get my attention.  Apparently he had been trying to call out to me, but I did not realize it.

Earlier that week, I found myself turning to answer multiple people, but then I realized they were talking on their phones instead of to me.  It seems that everyone in the city wears Bluetooth ear pieces or headphones.  A whole world of conversation was going on -- but electronically, not face to face.  Except for the person I described who was insistent, I did not communicate with a human for hours.  Eventually I tuned out all the chatter, believing that it was not directed to me.

What has become background noise for you?  Have you tuned out messages that your colleagues, children or friends are trying to tell you?  Does the majority of your communication occur over broadband instead of coffee?  

Your life will be richer if you make your next conversation face to face instead of ear to ear.  

-- beth triplett

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